Colleges and Universities

Environmental health and safety departments at colleges and universities have to manage dynamic risk across multiple areas with often limited resources. Salute enables you to protect employees, students, and visitors with a comprehensive, easy to use safety management system that provides visibility of training and oversight needs.
Higher education for Salute

Organize permits, assign required training, automate inspection workflows, and make it easy to search for safety data sheets or submit requests

Monitor use, transportation, and disposal of hazardous chemicals, biological agents, and radioactive materials to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines

Easily schedule events such as fire drills with automated workflows: create templates, attach instructions, assign conductors, record observations, and collaborate from one platform

Assign space risk scores by integrating with your existing space system of record to tie assets such as chemicals and equipment with detailed location attributes (Campus, Building, Floor, Room)

Explore how Salute helps you build a culture of safety across the organization