Salute was co-founded by a team of Environmental Health & Safety experts at Weill Cornell Medicine and innovators from Fitzroy Health

Our Mission

We are dedicated to building world class information systems and outsourcing tools that comprehensively address the unique needs of EHS professionals and executive leadership

  • Salute identified a number of chemicals that were being incorrectly disposed of as expensive, hazardous waste. We immediately sent that contract back out for RFP and decreased annual spending by ~$600k.
    — VP of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Having access to a detailed report of our inspection history for each lab, safety training schedules, hazardous material inventories, and incident reporting logs saved us substantial time and money in terms of man hours and potential fines that we avoided.
    — Director of EHS
  • As a smaller institution, we don't have the budget or scale to employ the EHS expertise that our operations require. The ability to access the needed level of experts give us comfort as an institution that we are doing the best we can to keep our people safe.
    — Chief Financial Officer


At Salute, our clients are more than just customers. They’re our partners in moving healthcare and research from a culture of compliance to a culture of safety. Together we are pioneering industry standards and best practices.